RE-MOLED Custom Toy Show!

Hello there!

So I’m organising a custom toy show. I know, I didn’t see this coming either. But 6 weeks after deciding to do it, there are 45 artists onboard we have a venue, and a poster! Hey, look at the poster:


It will be at Loading Bar (London’s insanely awesome video game bar) on the 6th of December 2014. With Customs and 2D prints available online the next day: 10am GMT 7th of Dec at

I’ll be posting work in progress images from the artists to Instagram and Tumblr, and be posting updates on the show periodically here too.

If you’d like to be notified the second the Customs are available  online you can join the mailing list.


So if you’re in London on the 6th of december, and hell even if you weren’t planning to be, you should stop by for fun, art, Moles and cake!


For links to the artists previous work, click below!

A Little Stranger

Dr Barbados

Zukaty Toyz


David Stevenson

Ume Toys

Kerry Dyer





Mr Lister


Pocket Wookie

Uncle Absinthe

Sneaky Raccoon

Zro Toys


Robotic Industries

Mark Treharne

Mike Strick

Jenn & Tony Bot


Emily Bee


Luke Hyde

Dani Abram

Ian Matthews


Lex Luthor


Map Map


Jam Factory

Nicola Welbourne


Sam Horton

Octopus Jam

Bianca Ansems


Nicola Robertson

Lize Meddings



a secret club

ToyConUK 2014

So ToyConUK is over for another year. Sadly I don’t have any pics of the whole convention for you this year as I spent most of the time at my stand. But here are a few pics of the customs I had on show.


For those of you who couldn’t make it ToyConUK this year I’ve got a few remaining Mole XL in all three colours (White, Purple, Blue). These are 4 inch hand rotocast resin moles developed from the small ones you may have seen on my stand at conventions. GO TO SHOP
Mole XLImageMole XL

Plus these customised Mole XL by David Stevenson, which should be appearing on his online shop soon.

I also have some of the chase figure Molehill left, limited to 5 pieces and released at ToyConUK this year, made from solid resin and finished in acrylic.

You’ll also find my new custom Brainwave and new smaller items like badges and necklaces, so head on over to the shop now!


The Q customs released at 1pm today! and Christmas Sale on Now!

So following a fantastic weekend at Thought Bubble I’m changing a few things around on my SHOP and adding some new stuff. Including hand painted customs of my resin figures The Q.

These will go on sale at 1pm GMT today. so not long now. To see more pics of the customs head on over to my facebook page or Tumblr

My Christmas Sale also starts today to head on over to my online store to grab a gift or two!


Now with all that out of the way, I’ve got a couple of spaces left on my commissions list before Christmas. So if there is anything you want made, cake toppers, toy customs, hand sculpted versions of in jokes (Yep I’ve done those before) in time for Christmas, now is the time to let me know. Contact details over on the right of the screen.

That’s all folks (more pics next time I promise)

Thought Bubble 2013



I’m going to be a Thought Bubble this year. Next weekend actually. Yeah. A little out of the blue, but exciting! My lovely friend Heather over at Dinobot Illustration (Teaceratops Comics) can’t make it this year and has very kindly given me her space. In fact you should go check out her illustration and comic stuff on Etsy. (and soon as the shop will be closed all of Dec, but back in Jan!)

So if you’re looking for me at the show, you’ll find me under the heading for Dinobot Illustration at table 82 in New Dock Hall.

ImageSee, a map. I’m very helpful!

I’ll also have some new stuff at the show. Including painted versions of ‘The Q’ figures. ‘Waiting to Trek’ and these Doctor inspired figures will be released on Doctor Who Day, But if you can’t make it Thought Bubble, all unsold items will be making their way to my online shop the following week.



Also, Green Moles! I’ve got loads of these little guys cast out, so come give one a home. I’ll have the original colours with me too, but there are only a few of the white and black ones left.


See you at the Con!


I’ve been all over the place lately on puppet making jobs, and barely had time to work on my own stuff. But here are a few of the things I’ve squeezed in in the last few months!


Last month I took a trip over to Cardiff for the Tattoo and Toy Convention and met lots of lovely new people and saw both some fantastic and scary tattoos. It was a great weekend and I look forward to doing it all over again next year!

photo (1)


Some of you who went to ToyConUK in London this year might remember the customisation panel that I sat on with David Stevenson and Jon-Paul Kaiser. I was working on a 3″ Munny, slowly sculpting him into a castle. Well he’s finally finished and up on the shop! I’ve also got some of the necklaces and new stuff made for the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy convention over there too now. Go on, go have a look!













This Saturday (31st of Aug) I’ll be helping out on the Razarhawk stand with Artist Dani Abram and selling a few little bits and pieces of my own. So if you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!


That’s it for now. More stuff to come soon :)

ToyConUK 2013!

ToyConUK is over! Long live ToyConUK! (2014)


And so went my first ever convention as an exhibitor. It was fun, terrifying and exciting. And once I came to terms with the idea that the convention goers weren’t going to eat me alive, I had some great conversations and enjoyed the customisiation panel I was on.

Also my online shop is now live! you can get there via the page at the top or by clicking on any of these images.

character13 purple_necklace3Taming of the Brewmany_moles character16 character26

I launched this series of resin figures called ‘The Q’ at ToyCon along with my first set of ‘Taming of the Brew’ customs and lots of other bits and pieces now available over at the shop.

I have a new mailing list as well, to keep people informed about new toys, events and shows that I’m doing. And maybe the odd discount code too. You can sign up to the mailing list here.

So now for the mountains of pics I always post. First of all, here’s my stand which I shared with the lovely Okkle and a few of the pieces I had on other stands.

IMG_1754 IMG_1758 IMG_1764 Shredder1

Here are a couple of shots from the customising panel courtesy of @emmajgwen

8631996788_83393fb14c_b 8632001560_751c6c1922_b

I’ll be finishing and painting this guy sometime over the next month and will be on sale online soon.

And finally some of the other stands at the con. I didn’t have time to get around all of them, but here are some of my favourites.


Generic Art

IMG_1761 IMG_1774

Lady Lauren Loves watching over the A little Stranger/Cavey booth


Chris Dobson/Alto and David Stevenson


Lisa Rae Hason – I Break Toys


Red Mutuca/RunDMB


Dolly Oblong


Podgy Panda


Jon-Paul Kaiser and UME Toys


Monsters and Mecha


Taylored Curiosities



Creo Design (incuding my custom QiQi)


Doktor A


Stitches and Glue


Planet Domu with Gary BlueFrog

That’s all folks!

Handle Like Eggs

Last month I worked on a short film directed by Bianca Ansems. Its about Eggs, and bikes, and love.

You can see the finished film here.

I produced all of the puppets for the film (12 in total) and made props. Also animated a few close up shots and background characters in wide shots.

Here are a few images from production.



Puppets and Props


Egg1Buggy Arms



Click the link above to see the finished film!

More news on ToyCon next week!


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