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Thought Bubble 2013



I’m going to be a Thought Bubble this year. Next weekend actually. Yeah. A little out of the blue, but exciting! My lovely friend Heather over at Dinobot Illustration (Teaceratops Comics) can’t make it this year and has very kindly given me her space. In fact you should go check out her illustration and comic stuff on Etsy. (and soon as the shop will be closed all of Dec, but back in Jan!)

So if you’re looking for me at the show, you’ll find me under the heading for Dinobot Illustration at table 82 in New Dock Hall.

ImageSee, a map. I’m very helpful!

I’ll also have some new stuff at the show. Including painted versions of ‘The Q’ figures. ‘Waiting to Trek’ and these Doctor inspired figures will be released on Doctor Who Day, But if you can’t make it Thought Bubble, all unsold items will be making their way to my online shop the following week.



Also, Green Moles! I’ve got loads of these little guys cast out, so come give one a home. I’ll have the original colours with me too, but there are only a few of the white and black ones left.


See you at the Con!



I’ve been all over the place lately on puppet making jobs, and barely had time to work on my own stuff. But here are a few of the things I’ve squeezed in in the last few months!


Last month I took a trip over to Cardiff for the Tattoo and Toy Convention and met lots of lovely new people and saw both some fantastic and scary tattoos. It was a great weekend and I look forward to doing it all over again next year!

photo (1)


Some of you who went to ToyConUK in London this year might remember the customisation panel that I sat on with David Stevenson and Jon-Paul Kaiser. I was working on a 3″ Munny, slowly sculpting him into a castle. Well he’s finally finished and up on the shop! I’ve also got some of the necklaces and new stuff made for the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy convention over there too now. Go on, go have a look!













This Saturday (31st of Aug) I’ll be helping out on the Razarhawk stand with Artist Dani Abram and selling a few little bits and pieces of my own. So if you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!


That’s it for now. More stuff to come soon 🙂

ToyConUK 2013!

ToyConUK is over! Long live ToyConUK! (2014)


And so went my first ever convention as an exhibitor. It was fun, terrifying and exciting. And once I came to terms with the idea that the convention goers weren’t going to eat me alive, I had some great conversations and enjoyed the customisiation panel I was on.

Also my online shop is now live! you can get there via the page at the top or by clicking on any of these images.

character13 purple_necklace3Taming of the Brewmany_moles character16 character26

I launched this series of resin figures called ‘The Q’ at ToyCon along with my first set of ‘Taming of the Brew’ customs and lots of other bits and pieces now available over at the shop.

I have a new mailing list as well, to keep people informed about new toys, events and shows that I’m doing. And maybe the odd discount code too. You can sign up to the mailing list here.

So now for the mountains of pics I always post. First of all, here’s my stand which I shared with the lovely Okkle and a few of the pieces I had on other stands.

IMG_1754 IMG_1758 IMG_1764 Shredder1

Here are a couple of shots from the customising panel courtesy of @emmajgwen

8631996788_83393fb14c_b 8632001560_751c6c1922_b

I’ll be finishing and painting this guy sometime over the next month and will be on sale online soon.

And finally some of the other stands at the con. I didn’t have time to get around all of them, but here are some of my favourites.


Generic Art

IMG_1761 IMG_1774

Lady Lauren Loves watching over the A little Stranger/Cavey booth


Chris Dobson/Alto and David Stevenson


Lisa Rae Hason – I Break Toys


Red Mutuca/RunDMB


Dolly Oblong


Podgy Panda


Jon-Paul Kaiser and UME Toys


Monsters and Mecha


Taylored Curiosities



Creo Design (incuding my custom QiQi)


Doktor A


Stitches and Glue


Planet Domu with Gary BlueFrog

That’s all folks!

Handle Like Eggs

Last month I worked on a short film directed by Bianca Ansems. Its about Eggs, and bikes, and love.

You can see the finished film here.

I produced all of the puppets for the film (12 in total) and made props. Also animated a few close up shots and background characters in wide shots.

Here are a few images from production.



Puppets and Props


Egg1Buggy Arms



Click the link above to see the finished film!

More news on ToyCon next week!

A Busy Couple of Months!

Not even sure where to start!

So most recently I’ve been working on a short film for City of London with the extremely talented Bianca Ansems at the helm. And that’ll be coming out later this month, so I’ll talk more about it then!

I’ve also got my online shop opening soon, to coincide with ToyCon in April, so keep an eye out for that. And for anyone who’s still on facebook I started a page over there called Kerry Dyer Toys, for commission and customisation work.


So I’ve  been getting stuff ready for ToyCon next month. There’s still a lot to go but I thought I’d share with you a few pics and mention the other custom series I’ll have work in at ToyCon.

First up, Art in the Groove, a series of artwork on 12 inch vinyl records. Organised by Generic Art, all the vinyl records will be on display at ToyCon and artwork is based around either the music on the existing vinyl or and unrelated song of your choice. Here are the two I’ve made.


This is also my first attempt at painting out my logo by hand, think it went pretty well.

Fans of tea logo

Next up, I’ve made this little Shakespeare for Fans of Tea Series 3. The guys in the background are for a a series I’ve made to sell at Toycon called ‘Taming Of The Brew’, I’ll post more pics of them later this week.



Aaaaaand, I’m working on another piece for Creo Designs QiQi series, no pics yet though.

I’ll be sharing a booth with the very talented Okkle at ToyCon, so if you’re one of the lucky few who have tickets, drop by and say hello! (also new logo! look, down there on the right, next Okkle’s fancier one!)





A Merry Penguin Christmas and a Steampunk New Year!

Ok, so its not Christmas anymore. Not even close. But here follow some pics of a couple of things I made for Christmas.

So lets pretend.

Firstly I’m gonna point out the new section up there for Resin and Vinyl figures. Look, up there, no, ON the screen. Yep that’s the one. I’ll be posting pics of the resin and vinyl figures I’ve customised and sculpted in that section and eventually I’ll get an online shop sorted. Till then feel free to e-mail be about commissions.

Next up, this penguin model a guy commissioned me to make for his girlfriend. It’s based on a running in-joke between the couple and their friends that I’m not going to explain. But I hear it went down pretty well on Christmas day.

IMG_0097 IMG_0165 IMG_0099


And lastly a Steampunk gun I made for my Dad (specifically requested by my Dad). I like Steampunk, but outside of that one time at a comic convention and fancy dress this is my first artistic foray into Steampunk. I modified an existing toy gun, but I wanted it to feel weighty and real and cold to the touch the way metal should be, so the toy was made from white metal and most of the parts I used were brass, steel and some glass.

Prop Making 14gun4 gun1gun3 gun2

I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out, and my dad seemed quite chuffed. I’m sure it won’t be my last attempt at Steampunk. Maybe next time something a bit bulkier. Like a hand cannon?

Anyway, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!

Sneaky Snow Ball

So Sneaky Racoon‘s Sneaky Snow Ball has been and gone, and it was awesome! Some amazing work from talented artists, great company, snacks and I sold something!

Here are a few images of my customs in progress before my pics from the show. I used a mix of parts from Munny World figures including Mini Munny, Raffy and Foomi.

IMG_0227photo (20)IMG_0338

And my finished customs Brain-Freeze and Faun.


IMG_0520IMG_0483photo (12)

I didn’t take many photos on the night, but here are a few of them. click on the images to get to the artists websites.

photo (2)photo (7)photo (15)photo (3)photo (5)photo (9)photo (6)photo (8)photo (4)photo (10)

For more pictures from the show visit the Kidrobot London Facebook Page.

Congrats and well done to Anna Mullin for hosting such a great event!

photo (13)

And of course, JazzyDan‘s shoes were pretty stunning too 🙂

A Very Sneaky Christmas

Anna Mullin aka Sneaky Racoon is hosting another collaborative show this year at Kidrobot London and I’m taking part!

So if you’re in London on the 30th of Novermber for the opening night (on until the 2nd of December) Stop by and have a look! Maybe even sort out some of your Christmas shopping.

For a little more info on the show nip over to Digital Arts to read an interview with Anna/Sneaky.

See you there!

Aardman Show & Tell

So a couple of weeks back I was driving to Bristol to see some friends and pick up all my casting resin and old moulds. Checking my e-mail the night before I realised that the deadline for the Aardman Show and tell event was the next day. I sent off a hasty e-mail and gathered together the only models I currently have in my possession and set off for Bristol! By all accounts the opening night was a success, and I finally managed to go along last weekend and take a few photo’s of some the awesome work there.

These ones you might recognise, so moving swiftly on!

Plasticine figures by Merlin Crossingham aka @ernyberny

Detailed sculpting by Ben Whitehouse  @mrbenwhitehouse

Awesome wood carving by Nigel Leach

An entire cabinet of cool stuff from Richard Smith. Check out more of his work Here

Weird and wonder stuff by Josh Ashman, including bone carving! @joshuaashman

And finally, artwork by Sam Horton! (sorry about the bike, its reflected in all my pics from this side of the room) – link to follow

I know I missed out  a few people and their work including Nick Mackie’s awesome Dinosaur Zoo! But you can see more pictures of the exhibition here courtesy or Pete Lord.

DragonCon Trophies

The last few weeks I’ve been working on some commission pieces for Guild Launch to present at DragonCon this year.


They’re resin with a little bronze and silver powder and paint. Its been pretty full on getting them finished for the convention this weekend, but I did take a brake for the Dragons show (unrelated) n Cardiff last weekend, pics at the end.

For more info on these ‘Dragonslayer’ awards check out the Guild Launch blog.

Here are a few work in progress pics from the sculpting, moulding and casting process.


The head, horns and sword were sculpted using Super Sculpey and broke into separate pieces to make casting easier.


Dragon parts before assembly.

And finished dragon with and without their removable swords.


And last but very not least, some of the original 2D concept work by Sophie Powell!



So, as I mentioned the Dragons vinyl toy show is on in Cardiff for another week at the Sho Gallery and here are a few pics from the opening night. My dragon and loads of others are now also available at their online shop, so pop over and have a look!