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Upfest 2012 and Dragons

First up Dragons!

In August the brilliant Andrew Kelly (@Zombiekel) is hosting a custom vinyl toy event at the Sho Gallery in Cardiff, which I’m creating my first proper vinyl toy for. Don’t have any work in progress pics yet, but when I do they’ll go up. In the mean time here’s a link to the shows page, some of the custom Dragons are already completed and are mind-blowingly detailed.

On a similar note, I went to FarkFR, Mimic and LexLuthor‘s ‘Strength of Character show at Kidrobot London a couple of weeks back. here are a few on my slightly crapy photo’s from the event. Better pics at the Kidrobot London Blog. Terrifyingly I appear to be in some of the event photo’s, actually talking to people.


Oh, and here’s my haul from the show

Upfest 2012 was so much fun this year. possibly because I’m not in Bristol anymore and it was a great chance to see friends and family. But also because it was bigger and better than last year, stretching further down North Street.

It was sad to see some of the old paintings go, but fortunately the tobacco factory mural was added to. Hoping they keep adding to it each year.

The very talented Dani Abram (@bintykins) was at Upfest again this year. Here’s her board and painting. you can see her upcoming comic here and her blog here.

Ok, a few more of my favourite pics and then no more!

Thanks to my Dad for taking some of these, especially the panoramic ones!

P.s I lied, one more pic. The Crow guy was there again!