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ToyConUK 2015

So ToyConUK 2015 is almost upon us! Aaaaand there’s still a little time left to buy tickets for ToyConUK if you haven’t yet!

I’ll have some new pieces for the show including ‘On The Grassy Mole’. A flocked custom MoleXL.

Grassy Mole 1

Grassy Mole2

I’ll have Blank MoleXL and Mini Moles on my stand, and a few necklaces and small items. But more importantly I’ll have some of the pieces from the RE-MOLED custom show!

So if you didn’t get a chance to attend the show at the end of last year, now’s you chance! The online gallery is still Live and some of the pieces can be found over at the online shop.

Have a look at the fantastic stuff from the RE-MOLED Show!

You can also find a couple of my pieces over on Matt JOnes stand for this years Fans Of Tw

Fans of Tea 2Fans Of Tea 3

Spoilers! –  I’ll also be releasing my new custom series Spoilers! this year. Pics to follow soon! Keep an eye on facebook / twiter / instagram for updates.

Check out the map below to find the quickest route to my and my buddy Okkle on the day.

See you at ToyConUK!



ToyConUK 2013!

ToyConUK is over! Long live ToyConUK! (2014)


And so went my first ever convention as an exhibitor. It was fun, terrifying and exciting. And once I came to terms with the idea that the convention goers weren’t going to eat me alive, I had some great conversations and enjoyed the customisiation panel I was on.

Also my online shop is now live! you can get there via the page at the top or by clicking on any of these images.

character13 purple_necklace3Taming of the Brewmany_moles character16 character26

I launched this series of resin figures called ‘The Q’ at ToyCon along with my first set of ‘Taming of the Brew’ customs and lots of other bits and pieces now available over at the shop.

I have a new mailing list as well, to keep people informed about new toys, events and shows that I’m doing. And maybe the odd discount code too. You can sign up to the mailing list here.

So now for the mountains of pics I always post. First of all, here’s my stand which I shared with the lovely Okkle and a few of the pieces I had on other stands.

IMG_1754 IMG_1758 IMG_1764 Shredder1

Here are a couple of shots from the customising panel courtesy of @emmajgwen

8631996788_83393fb14c_b 8632001560_751c6c1922_b

I’ll be finishing and painting this guy sometime over the next month and will be on sale online soon.

And finally some of the other stands at the con. I didn’t have time to get around all of them, but here are some of my favourites.


Generic Art

IMG_1761 IMG_1774

Lady Lauren Loves watching over the A little Stranger/Cavey booth


Chris Dobson/Alto and David Stevenson


Lisa Rae Hason – I Break Toys


Red Mutuca/RunDMB


Dolly Oblong


Podgy Panda


Jon-Paul Kaiser and UME Toys


Monsters and Mecha


Taylored Curiosities



Creo Design (incuding my custom QiQi)


Doktor A


Stitches and Glue


Planet Domu with Gary BlueFrog

That’s all folks!

Aardman Show & Tell

So a couple of weeks back I was driving to Bristol to see some friends and pick up all my casting resin and old moulds. Checking my e-mail the night before I realised that the deadline for the Aardman Show and tell event was the next day. I sent off a hasty e-mail and gathered together the only models I currently have in my possession and set off for Bristol! By all accounts the opening night was a success, and I finally managed to go along last weekend and take a few photo’s of some the awesome work there.

These ones you might recognise, so moving swiftly on!

Plasticine figures by Merlin Crossingham aka @ernyberny

Detailed sculpting by Ben Whitehouse  @mrbenwhitehouse

Awesome wood carving by Nigel Leach

An entire cabinet of cool stuff from Richard Smith. Check out more of his work Here

Weird and wonder stuff by Josh Ashman, including bone carving! @joshuaashman

And finally, artwork by Sam Horton! (sorry about the bike, its reflected in all my pics from this side of the room) – link to follow

I know I missed out  a few people and their work including Nick Mackie’s awesome Dinosaur Zoo! But you can see more pictures of the exhibition here courtesy or Pete Lord.


If you want to hear about my future projects follow me on Twitter @Kerry_Dyer

So a few months back now I started sculpting a Turian from artwork by the very talented animator/illustrator (and Mass Effect obsessed) Sophie Powell. It started as sculpting practice, and maybe something I could give Sophie for her birthday, but after finishing it and showing it to a few people I thought it might be fun to mould it and paint up a few different versions.

So far I’ve only painted the ones above, but I have a few more that I’ll be working on when I’m not so busy, and of course Sophie has one to paint as well, which will be appearing on her Deviantart page at some point.

Here’s a quick rundown of the process, with more pictures of the finished models at the end.

The two images I chose to sculpt from.

After choosing the images, I made a rough armature using aluminium wire and rigid Plastazote, which I covered in a thin layer of Super Sculpey and baked for a few minutes. This is to create a solid form to sculpt over when the Plastazote shrinks slightly in the oven, so any cracks can be fixed before the details are sculpted on.

When working with Sculpey I tend to sculpt in sections and then bake the model for 15 minutes before sculpting the next section.

Once the model was finished it became clear that I would need to mould it in several parts, which meant removing the head and mandibles. Both of these smaller pieces could be moulded in single part moulds but the body needed a two-part mould, so after working out where the seam lines should go I layed it out in in a bed of plasticine. and added cocktail sticks for risers.

After this first lot of silicone moulding was completed the mandible mould was ready to use. The head mould only required a scalpel cut made along the back of the head to release it from the mould.

To prepare the body for the second half of silicone to be poured I covered it in a layer of vaseline, added more cocktail stick risers and a cut-off section of syringe for the injection point.

I don’t have any pictures of the casting process, but both the head and body moulds were covered in duct tape to keep them sealed, they were then injected with fast cast resin and had duct tape reservoirs at the top to hold additional resin from the risers. (taped up moulds in the background of the image below)

After de-moulding, all of the resin parts needed sanding to remove the seam lines and filling with milliput in any areas that might have had bubbles. This process took quite a ling time, and was especially difficult for the seam line around the arms.

The next stage was to paint a layer of latex over the arms and eyes to mask them off, and spray each of the parts with primer before airbrushing with several layers of cellulose paint.

The fine details I painted on using acrylic, and in some cases sculpted additional parts onto the models with milliput or cut into them to create scars and battle damage.

Finished Models

Turian Council Member

Saren Arterius

Garrus Vakarian

Battle Damaged Garrus

Name Unknown (can’t remember, but if you know, you win a prize!*)

*the prize is a lie

I’ll be painting up a few more in the coming months, so keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked them.


Photos of Sophie’s finished Turian