Thought Bubble 2013



I’m going to be a Thought Bubble this year. Next weekend actually. Yeah. A little out of the blue, but exciting! My lovely friend Heather over at Dinobot Illustration (Teaceratops Comics) can’t make it this year and has very kindly given me her space. In fact you should go check out her illustration and comic stuff on Etsy. (and soon as the shop will be closed all of Dec, but back in Jan!)

So if you’re looking for me at the show, you’ll find me under the heading for Dinobot Illustration at table 82 in New Dock Hall.

ImageSee, a map. I’m very helpful!

I’ll also have some new stuff at the show. Including painted versions of ‘The Q’ figures. ‘Waiting to Trek’ and these Doctor inspired figures will be released on Doctor Who Day, But if you can’t make it Thought Bubble, all unsold items will be making their way to my online shop the following week.



Also, Green Moles! I’ve got loads of these little guys cast out, so come give one a home. I’ll have the original colours with me too, but there are only a few of the white and black ones left.


See you at the Con!


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