DragonCon Trophies

The last few weeks I’ve been working on some commission pieces for Guild Launch to present at DragonCon this year.


They’re resin with a little bronze and silver powder and paint. Its been pretty full on getting them finished for the convention this weekend, but I did take a brake for the Dragons show (unrelated) n Cardiff last weekend, pics at the end.

For more info on these ‘Dragonslayer’ awards check out the Guild Launch blog.

Here are a few work in progress pics from the sculpting, moulding and casting process.


The head, horns and sword were sculpted using Super Sculpey and broke into separate pieces to make casting easier.


Dragon parts before assembly.

And finished dragon with and without their removable swords.


And last but very not least, some of the original 2D concept work by Sophie Powell!



So, as I mentioned the Dragons vinyl toy show is on in Cardiff for another week at the Sho Gallery and here are a few pics from the opening night. My dragon and loads of others are now also available at their online shop, so pop over and have a look!



1 Response to “DragonCon Trophies”

  1. 1 Zoey August 18, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Looks great!

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