Wedding Cake Topper

So a few months back I went to a wedding (yes, another one). Two of my wonderful friends were getting married and had decided on a 1950’s theme. So I called on the drawing skills of Animator and Illustrator Sophie Powell to help design a cake topper!!

She came up with some fantastic initial poses and designs but this was the one we went with.

So, now to make the damn thing.

I started out with a core of plastazote and ali-wire, trying to keep the weight to a minimum.

I then covered it in a thin layer of Super Sculpey to create a solid shell around the plastazote to work on, as plastazote shrinks in the oven at 130 degrees Celsius.

I’ve found using Super Sculpey works well for this sort of project because you can sculpt a single layer or section, getting it exactly how you want it, and bake it before moving onto the next.

Next I added a base for stability using wire mesh and Sculpey. The section of K&S at the back there was for slotting on a cake spike, which wasn’t needed in the end.

Ok, so after fleshing out the bodies I used regular Sculpey to add clothing and hair.

And finally I painted on shadows, make up, expressions and a marble effect on the base using acrylic paint.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, its a long process but totally worth it if you have the time. Here’s a pic of the finished piece on the cake, and of the happy couple in their lovely outfits!

Congrats Nick and Trina!

More sculpting blog posts to follow soon, and click here to check out Sophie Powell’s Deviantart page.

P.s the cake was good too


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